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The New York City Department of Education is considering a proposal to rent space on public school properties as sites for wireless communications facilities, i.e., mobile phone antenna base stations. Glenn Encababian of the Bronx is spear-heading the effort to inform parents and elected official about this proposal and about the debate over possible health risks from exposure to radiofrequency radiation emitted by these antennas. For more information, send e-mail to: EMR Network

Elected officials and parents have sent letters to Chancellor Joseph Klein questioning the wisdom of this proposal. Letters have been sent by:

Note especially the February 6, 2003, Press Release from Ruben Diaz Jr., New York State Assemblyman for the 75th District in Bronx County. In this Release Mr. Diaz announces legislation he has drafted to be introduced in this session. The Legislation prohibits: “the placement, erection or construction of a wireless communication facility on school grounds or buildings.”

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