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From: Chellis Glendenning, Chimayo, NM
“Our county commission passed a 9-month moratorium.  It was a wildly satisfying meeting in which our perspective reigned,  we were truly listened to…  Our group also raised enough money in $10 donations to hire the US Supreme Court/Arroyo Seco lawyer to talk to the county lawyer and we’ll see what comes of that.  The county is motivated.  Meanwhile,  the New Mexican offered us a full page of Letters to the Editor with photos on the Sunday before Good Friday,  and we’re filling it…  On that Sunday, you will be able to see it at
At least I hope you’ll see it via that venue.  There’s a difference between and a paid online subscription.  The village is glutted with NO TOWER signs made by our local sign maker.  That’s our news… Che”

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