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Mary Beth Freeman, board member of the EMR Network, responds to several editorials recently printed in the Burlington Free Press. Read her January 12, 2001 editorial, “IT’S MY TURN: Tower concerns should be health, not aesthetics.”

Neuroreport – A world-renowned sleep laboratory at the University of Zurich has found that exposing volunteers to digital mobile phone radiation (GSM) for 30 minutes while awake significantly alters their EEG activity after they fall asleep, compared to unexposed controls. These results complement an earlier study at the same lab in which subjects were exposed while sleeping.

The Swiss researchers conclude: “The changes of brain function induced by pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields outlast the exposure period.” In an accompanying commentary, Dr. Michael Petrides notes that, “The currently available literature suggests that some aspects of cognitive function and some direct measures of brain physiology may be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields of the type emitted by cellular telephones. *This research is available as a PDF file on our “Research” page.

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