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CNN – A new report bolsters the safety concerns raised by the airline, cell phone and television broadcasting industries on the use of ultrawide band (UWB) wireless technology.

This 58-minute film is the first of its kind to explore the potential health risks and consequences of proliferating wireless devices and transmitting antennas. The state of the science and needed public policy solutions are reviewed from an international citizen’s rights and consumer advocacy perspective. We talk about what the communications industry prefers not to discuss — how exposure to radiation from wireless communications technology poses a major environmental health threat.

Independent film maker, Len Aitken, now has made 2 documentary films available on our tower fight in the CARE area. Lookout Mountain is a more recent production done after the broadcasters petitioned the FCC to preempt Jefferson County’s zoning denial of the supertower. It includes more interviews with researchers and broadcasters and an admission by the Lake Cedar Group broadcasters that they spent at least two million dollars on the supertower zoning battle. Broadcast Blues is a documentary following a citizen effort to expose the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and prevent an HDTV tower from being built in their neighborhood. Both are produced and directed by Len Aitken-Emmy Award filmmaker. Both are available for $29.95 @ from his company. For further information, please check out the Len Aitken Web site.

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