Action Alert – Urge Congress on EMF Safety – Petition Now!

Action Alert

February 18, 2009
Contact: Virginia Hines
[email protected]

Subject: Urge Congress on EMF Safety – Petition Now!

Let’s band together and create change! Exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields are obsolete, and we are asking you to take action so our health, and the health of our children and unborn children, is no longer subject to the biological effects of excessive levels electromagnetic fields.

Action: Please Sign Electromagnetic Health’s Petition to Congress

Known biological effects of radiofrequency radiation and low frequency fields include genetic effects, cancer, cellular/molecular effects, behavioral changes, nervous system dysfunction, blood-brain barrier permeability, calcium efflux, cardiovascular changes, sleeping disorders, hormonal disturbance, immune system changes, metabolic effects, fertility impairment and the interpersonal effects related to a constant background of stress.

The wireless telecommunications industry must be held to a higher standard for human health.

Petition Congress Now!

The 4 points the Petition is making:

1. Congress must mandate that the FCC change exposure guidelines so they are based on what the science shows about known biological effects, and ensure the telecommunications technologies to which we are exposed are compliant with these standards. The European Parliament has just made similar recommendations for member countries–the U.S. should follow suit.

2. Congress must repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which took away state and local governments rights to resist towers and antennas in their communities on health or environmental grounds. In America, communities must have the right to say “No” when technology creates harm. This power grab by the federal government must be reversed and rights returned to local communities.

3. Congress must declare a national moratorium on further wireless infrastructure build-out, including the ‘Wi-Max’ rollout currently underway, which many believe will significantly jeopardize the health of humans, animals and nature from chronic microwave radiation exposure. Stop Wi-Max in its tracks until elected officials and the American people understand the health consequences!

4. Congress must establish cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings, and public spaces; require employers to establish wireless free zones; and, mandate the removal of cellular and wireless technologies from public schools and their properties.

We are asking Congress to act swiftly, decisively and with full integrity to stem the electromagnetic radiation pollution increasingly permeating the lives of the American people. There is ample evidence of the need to exercise extreme precaution as potentially irreversible harm is occurring to humans, animals and our ecosystem.

Please join us in taking a stand for electromagnetic safety!

Click here to Petition Congress now:

We beseech our Representatives in Congress to act with the sense of urgency and integrity this important emerging public health issue deserves.

Petition Congress Now:

It’s a new day.

You can make a difference by taking a stand for health-supporting values you want at the heart of our society. Join us now in supporting one of the most important public health issues of our day by signing your name to’sPetition to Congress.

Thank you!

Camilla Rees

Founder, – EMF updates for media and the public
Co-Author, “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”

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