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5G Wireless & Its Implications for

Public Health and Local Government Control

Thursday, APRIL 25th, 7:30 pm

Lincoln Town Offices

16 Lincoln Road, Lincoln MA

Hosted by HATS

(Hanscom Area Town Selectmen from Bedford, Concord, Lexington and Lincoln)

A recent FCC ruling on 5G has cut back on local government authority and reduced revenue options to towns from wireless providers — even as telecom companies admit a lack of research demonstrating 5G’s safety for public use and exposure.

Come learn what other town governments and communities are doing in response – and what our options are.

Questions to be addressed:

  • How will the 5G build-out work?
  • How does the recent FCC ruling on 5G limit local government control?
  • What are the revenue implications for towns?
  • How are towns and cities reacting?
  • Have any towns generated model Small Cell Policies, and what do they include?
  • What are the health and safety concerns associated with 5G?
  • How will the 5G infrastructure interact with 3G and 4G?
  • What are 5G’s implications for privacy, energy conservation, and legal liability?

The talk will be given by Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, Technology Safety Educator and Founder of Wireless Education.  She has been invited to give presentations to state legislators, town governments, and public forums nationwide. 

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